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Restaurant & Bar Design

We believe that design in architecture and interior is part of the customer experience and is linked to brand recognition. Stanza Design well known for its food concept design has designed retail food units, espresso bars and restaurants of many types as well as general retail units from fashion stores to banks, bringing new concepts to markets or rolling out existing brands.

Stanza Design - Cafe Vergnano
Cafe Vergnano
Stanza Design - Pizza Union
Pizza Union

High Street & Airport Café Design

Our experience of the industry, our many excellent contacts and knowledge of the London property market make Stanza Design the perfect partner to talk to for commercial architectural and interior design.
Stanza Design - Vital Ingredient
Vital Ingredient
Stanza Design - Cafe Ritazza
Caffe Ritazza
Stanza Design - Tazza
Tazza Coffee
Stanza Design - Coffee Republic
Coffee Republic
Stanza Design - Costa Porto
Costa Coffee, Porto, Portugal
Stanza Design - Pret A Manger
Pret A Manager

Retail Design

The retail experience is linked to visual merchandising and we know, at Stanza Design that it can only be maximized if the interior design of your shop has been fully thought through and is both creative and practical. We will work with you and your brand managers from concept to completion in order to create effective solutions for both individual and rollout identities. We will help your sales teams to create the very best Interiors; the perfect space for staff to serve and entertain the customer being vital to the success of the sales process as a whole.
Stanza Design - LeCoqSportif
Le Coq Sportif
Stanza Design - Brandy & Melville
Brandy & Melville
Stanza Design - Premaman
Stanza Design - Whistlestop

We understand the elements of brand identity, product innovation, visual merchandising and customer service which all come together to maximise your sales.